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Window Options And Details

Casings & Trim


Casings & Trim

Norwood products typically have slender, elegantly proportioned casings suitable for many of today’s architectural styles. In some cases, various architectural styles are better suited with the appropriate optional Casings, Backbands, Subsills and other trim features like Pediments, Pilasters and Keystones to name a few.

With Norwood, your products arrive completely assembled with all casing and trim elements in place saving you time and expense at the job site. Many of our Casing, Backband and Subsill profiles are shown on pages 6 and 7. Ask your dealer about these classic profiles as well as an invitation to create your own.

Custom Millwork

Norwood also specializes in custom millwork and can create the solutions you are looking for.

Let us build the look you want

Take a standard Single or Double ung Window, add a Wide Board Casing and/or Pediment with Keystone.

are available in three different sizes or we can make them as special orders.

are available for windows and doors.

Top if off with great Pediments.



Norwood shutters are manufactured from to quality woods and available in a variety of colours to match your home.

Species of Wood

Choose species of wood

Pine has been a popular standard for decades. At Norwood, we offer a variety of species to suit your discriminating specifications. We remain one of the few companies to offer this option. If an exotic wood specie is your choice, let us know. We will work our magic. ‘Can do’ is our claim to fame.

pine wood
cedar wood
whiteoak wood
Red Oak
birch wood
cherry wood
mahogany wood
douglasfir wood
Douglas Fir
luptus wood
(interior use only)
beech wood
maple wood
redoak wood
White Oak
walnut wood

Order a two tone option.

Specify one color or stain for the outside and another for the inside.

Choose split-finish

Have the exterior done in one colour and leave the interior natural to paint or stain on site.

Your can even mix woods

Here, a Mahogany window has a Cedar subsill.

wood twotone wood split wood mix

Energy Saving

Low-E Coating and Argon Gas save on energy and reduce interior fading.


Low-E (low emissive) coating is a thin, metallic film that is practically invisible to the naked eye. Argon Gas is a harmless, odourless, colourless gas from natural sources, with a higher insulation value than air. Together, they make your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and they reduce the harmful ultra-violet rays that can fade your interior surfaces. The insulating values of this popular Low-E Argon combo also reduce fuel consumption – good for the wallet and good for the environment.

Make double-glazed sealed units perform like triple-glazed.

Low-E coating forms a barrier to long-wavelength energy only. The sun’s rays are short-wavelength radiation and easily pass through the window while the longer wavelengths of more harmful U-V rays are significantly reduced. Much of this solar energy is absorbed into the structure and furnishings, but the rest is re-radiated inside the house as long-wavelength energy.

Your heating and cooling systems also make long-wavelength energy. Uncoated glass absorbs most of this long-wavelength energy and re-radiates it to the outdoors. Low-E coating significantly reduces that thermal loss. The smaller amount of re-radiated energy that does make it out through the interior coated glass is then impeded by the Argon Gas inside the unit to help keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Please note that Low-E Coating is not available in some decorative glazing. Ask for details.

* Triple-glazed glass available upon request

Norwood introducing innovative glass solutions for the home by Guardian ClimaGuard ®


ClimaGuard® 71/38 residential window glass blocks nearly twice as much harmful UV rays as clear glass, extending the life of woodwork, carpets and furnishings, while still allowing plenty of natural sunlight to brighten interior spaces.

Climaguard IS-20

ClimaGuard IS Low-E glass products are engineered to have the one characteristic window manufacturers and homeowners need most – lower U-values. Designed to be used on the interior surface of double- glazed or triple-glazed windows with Low-E, ClimaGuard IS glass will provide a lower U-value to increase comfort and improve energy savings.

ClimaGuard IS-20 can help many windows meet new energy codes & ENERGY STAR® standards without the need for argon gas.

Climaguard SPF

Valuable furnishings, draperies, rugs and hardwood floors don’t have to suffer damage and fading from UV rays as a penalty for the health benefits and enjoyment of a room flooded with natural light.

Norwood continues to offer the ClimaGuard SPF option: complete UV protection without sacrificing the sun.

For more information on how can protect your valuable floors and furnishings, while still allowing plenty of natural light, talk to a Norwood representative.

False Half-Round Sashes

Looking for something different? Flexibility is our middle name when it comes to sash options.

You can order any Norwood window with curved glazing within the rectangular sash. Choose any style of grille treatment and Low-E Coating or Argon Gas Filling, too.


Choose from a wide variety of grille options.

At Norwood, we offer the ­complete range of grille options, from our authentic style Vintage Series (SDL) divided lites to internal pewter, brass and white aluminum to removable wood. And we love to be challenged to build unusual patterns.

Enjoy the classic charm of Vintage Series (SDL) traditional divided lites. A variety of muntin bar profiles and sizes are ­available. You can order one profile on the exterior and another on the interior at no extra cost. You can even mix grille dimensions on one side. Technoform spacer bars are available in Black or Grey.

Pencil Pewter Internal Grille

Pencil Brass Internal Grille

DSC 9641 copy DSC 9640 copy

True Divided Lite (TDL)

The rebirth of a classic! Norwood’s new True Divided Lite windows are built by modern-day craftsman trained in the specialized art of traditional window making. If you crave authenticity down to the smallest detail, the individual panes and ornate ribbing of our TDL windows will satisfy you like no other.

DSC 9641 copy DSC 9640 copy

Decorative Glass

We offer a wide variety of decorative glazing options

Here are many of the most popular options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for we’ll find it for you.

Glass amber Glass cathedral Glass baroque Glass chip Glass water Glass hammered
Amber Cathedral Clear Cathedral Baroque Glue Chip Water Hammered
Glass obscure Glass rain Glass seed Glass solar Glass solargrey Glass greylite
Obscure Rain Seed Solar Bronze Solar Grey Greylite

Take divided lite detailing to another level with Leaded Lites.
Norwood brings traditional stained glass detailing into the 21st century with authentic style Leaded Lites. Today’s version is a high-tech, energy-efficient ‘glass sandwich’ with continuous glazing and applied Leaded grilles both within the sealed unit and on the exterior. You can request Leaded Lites in any Norwood product.

This design features, Clear Beveled, Cotswald and Glue Chip glass with Patina Lead Caming.

GM4W4553 GM4W4553 DSC 9153 DSC 9153V2
You can even create your own design for us to follow. Solar Grey, Glue Chip and Baroque glass with Bright Brass and Patina Caming. Silver Caming also available.


Combine modern fit and function with old-world charm.

Introducing Norwood screens – a comprehensive line of high-quality screens to match our single-hung, double-hung and casement series windows. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as our entire catalogue of fine window and door products, Norwood screens are sure to please those who appreciate both traditional craftsmanship and modern-day convenience.


Norwood screens are beautifully designed for both form and flexibility, allowing our customers to choose between screened and screen-free living with ease. Our traditional screens are available with both wooden and standard aluminum frames.


Swinging Screens

Swinging screens are built standard with high-quality wooden frames matched to the colour of the window frame. Invite your Norwood dealer help you decide which option is best for you.


Roll-down screens

Designed to fit our line of casement windows and hungs, roll-down screens are mounted at the top of the frame and simply roll down in front of the window when needed, and roll back up when not.


Roll-up screens

Suitable for our single and double-hung lines, roll-up screens are attached to the bottom of the lower sash, enabling them to follow the sash travel when opened. Don’t want the screen to be visible? Simply release the screen bar from the convenient clip system.


Windows hardware


casement hardware

casement hardware

Looks great and provides a smooth operation.
Our windows are equiped with Truth Hardware folding handles giving strength and performance with the flexibility of a snap-fit cover and streamlined full-flip folding handle that eliminates collapse during operation. It will give your window a clean look and better clearance with close-fitting window blinds.

» Available with outswing casement

» Available in Coppertone, Brush Nickel, Bright Brass, Brush Brass, Bright Chrome, Brush Chrome, Western Pewter, Oil Rubbed Bronze, White and Antique Brass

BronzeCraftPushOut French Outswing Hardware2 French Outswing Hardware1

Bronze Craft push-out hardware
available in: Antique Brass, Oil Rub Bronze and Bright Brass

French outswing casements hardware.


varona handles

Varona handles for french inswing casement are available in Black, Polished and Brushed Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Stainless Steel, Bright brass and Antique Brass.

Melron handles

Melron handles for french inswing or french outswing casement are available in Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel


Cremone Bolts are available with our french inswing or french outswing casements.

Hungs Hardware

Locks and Lifts for Double Hungs.
Available in same finish as Casement Hardware.

hung hardware2

Sash Locks from Phelps.
Model LKF281, Available in: Polished Lacquered Brass, Polish Unlacquered Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel

sash locks bronze sash locks bras sash locks snickel sash locks pnickel


Model LKF18, Restoration Profile, Available in the same finishes as LKF281

hung hardware lkf18

Wood Components and Finishes

Our guaranteed Norcoat factory finish encourages you to dream in colour.

Choose our Norcoat factory finish and receive beautifully coloured windows and doors without the maintenance hassles. With a 15-year guarantee, Norcoat is the industry’s highest quality, exterior wood finish. In the three-step process, components are soaked and coated twice before assembly for greater resistance to the elements than the finest paint. And, by offering over 200 standard colours, as well as endless custom colours, you get the flexibility you need to create a truly unique project. Many colours are displayed on our web site. Ask your dealer to see all the standard colours available.


Protect the parts paint can’t reach.

Three-part Norcoat factory finish is electrostatically bonded to each component before final assembly.


48 colours shown here


(Due to the limitations of web based display, colors shown are approximations only. Consult dealer’s colour board before ordering.)


Norwood is one of the few manufacturers to offer factory staining options. You can have the stain applied to either or both sides of the product. Our industry-leading CASA stains, from Laurentide, feature a six-step staining process that involves a specially-formulated sealant, the selected stain, and a protective satin clear coat – all applied to each component before assembly for unsurpassed protection against weather and UV.

Here, the stains are shown on Maple. Consult your dealer for actual samples.

stain clearcoat
stain champagne
stain harvest
stain antique
stain wheat
stain oxford
stain cherry
stain blackberry
stain mango
stain morningside