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The Cedar Dilemma

Cedar shakes. Some might say they personify the look and feel of coastal living right alongside sand, dune grass and flip-flops. For others, it’s an architectural style and personal statement that celebrates the beauty of nature. Regardless of their motivations – or geographic location – that look of natural beauty comes at a cost.

Home exteriors take a pounding from Mother Nature all year long – from the intense heat and direct sun of summer to the unrelenting winds of winter that drive horizontal rain and snow.

For homeowners with natural cedar exteriors, the advent of spring means spending less time celebrating the season than many of their friends and neighbors, and more time scraping, painting, oiling, and replacing damaged cedar shakes. Until now, this was literally the price homeowners paid each year for the look of natural cedar.

The Response

Beach House Shake was created by Tando in response to the unique needs of homeowners looking for a low-maintenance exterior that doesn’t require them to compromise on the authentic beauty of cedar. The proprietary technology behind Beach House Shake delivers a look so realistic and stunning, you’ll feel the urge to touch it. From the texture of Beach House Shake – right down to the subtleties of grains and saw cuts – to its unmatched realism – as experienced through the natural key ways and tone variations.

But the story doesn’t end with aesthetics; Beach House Shake is the whole package – beauty, performance and endurance. It’s impervious to moisture, making it perfect for ground contact and roofline applications, resulting in moisture management concerns being a thing of the past.

The Promise

Beach House Shake is backed by what is undoubtedly the most aggressive product warranty in the industry – a fifty-year performance plus/ten-year “looks like new” warranty. Contact Tando Building Products for more details.

Easy One-Person Installation

Beach House Shake was created by Tando Building Products with the installer in mind. Lightweight panels make one-person installation fast while simultaneously reducing installation cost. With Beach House Shake, there are no special tools or fastener systems required. A hammer or nail gun is all you’ll need . . . and oh, don’t forget the nails.

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