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It’s a one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system with a built-in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage, while still allowing panels to properly dry. Plus, it installs in two easy steps: 1. Install the panels, 2. Tape the seams. Fewer steps result in faster installation. In fact, ZIP SystemTM tape installs 40% faster when compared to traditional housewrap.

Key Features and Components of ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape

1 High quality structural sheathing panel made of engineered wood delivers strength and durability.
2 Built-in vapor permeable water-resistive barrier eliminates the hassles of house wrap and felt. Engineered for enhanced drainage of bulk water and optimal permeability to allow water vapor to pass through and promote drying.
3 A continuous, rigid air barrier decreases unwanted air leakage for greater energy efficiency.
4 ZIP System tape with a specially engineered, high performance acrylic adhesive bonds with ZIP System® panels for a permanent protective seal.

Fortify Your Next Roof with ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape

Protect your home’s first line of defense

Every year, hurricanes cause hundreds of millions—sometimes billions—of dollars in damage to homes. Your first line of defense is a strong, resilient roof. Use ZIP System® sheathing and tape to meet one of the key elements of achieving a FORTIFIED Home™* roof for your next build or roof project. This all-in-one sealed roof deck system has a water-resistive barrier built in, and is completed with advanced acrylic taped panel seams for a strong, continuous air and water barrier. Plus, ZIP System sheathing and tape is easy to install and there’s no need for felt.