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Metrie Astragal


An astragal is commonly used to seal between a pair of doors. The astragal closes the clearance gap between two doors, making closing a pair of doors together easier. The vertical moulding attaches to a stile on one of a pair of doors against which the other door strikes or closes.






Fingerjoint Pine

Solid Pine








Metrie 1305PF07 Astragal

2″ Fingerjoint Pine Astragal [WM 1305 Primed T-Astragal 7′]

Model # 1305PF07 (Length 7′)
Metrie 133D Astragal

1 3/4″ Solid Pine Astragal [WM 133 Solid Flat Astragal]

Model # 133D (Length 7′ – 16′)
Metrie 133P Astragal

1 3/4″ Fingerjoint Pine Astragal [Wm 133 Primed Astragal]

Model # 133P (Length 16′)