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Metrie Baseboard Caps & Shoes

Baseboard Caps and Shoes are versatile profiles that work to solve numerous moulding and trim needs. Baseboard caps are added to the top of regular baseboard moulding and Read more

Metrie Baseboard Corner

  Baseboard Corners are a radius corner that are used on rounded outside drywall corners. Baseboard corners are designed to match the corresponding profile that was used for the baseboard. When used, Read more

Metrie Baseboard

Great baseboards complement a casing and creates a smooth transition from the wall to the floor, guiding you seamlessly from room to room. Baseboards create harmony with your casings Read more

Metrie Quarter Round

A Quarter Round is a moulding that comes in several sizes and serves a variety of functions. Quarter Rounds are most often used with baseboards and can be useful to Read more