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Metrie Bed Mould

  Similar to crown moulding, a bed mould is used to cover the joint between the ceiling and wall. Bed moulds can be either sprung or plain, or flush to Read more

Metrie Chair Rail

Chair rails are practical, as well as decorative and are applied to a wall, anywhere from 24 to 72 inches up from the floor. They were typically specified Read more

Metrie Corner Guard

  A corner guard can be used to protect the outside edges of the wall from damage and abrasion. Corner guards come in a wide variety of sizes and Read more

Metrie Cove

A cove is  most commonly used to soften the transition on inside corners but may be used for a wide range of applications.                 Solid Pine Oak Fingerjoint Pine                 11/16" Solid Pine Cove [WM Read more

Metrie Crown Moulding

Cap off your look with the perfect crown moulding. A great crown is the royal wrap-up of all your moulding decisions. A moulding designed to sit at an Read more

Metrie Hand Rail

Hand rails provide safety, stability and support for staircases. Hand rails are often used in furniture construction and can be paired with decorative moulding such as rosettes and ikons.         Solid Pine Fingerjoint Pine Hemlock                     1 Read more

Metrie Panel Mould

A panel mould, or panel moulding can refer to a variety of moulding profiles most often used to create or embellish panels on either flat or recessed surfaces. Read more

Metrie Picture Mould

A picture mould or panel moulding can be an effective and inexpensive way to frame wall paneling, paper or fabric, and add interest to walls. Picture moulds can Read more