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Prime Wrap House Wrap

Prime Wrap Advantage

General Product Descriptions

Prime Wrap® House Wrap: A woven and coated polyethylene fabric with micro-perforations engineered as a Water-Resistive Barrier, Moisture Protection Barrier and Weather-Resistive Barrier for use in residential and commercial sidewall construction.

Selling features of Prime Wrap® House Wrap

  • Prime Wrap® is available in 3’, 4.5’, 6’, 9’ & 10’ widths and 100’, 150’ & 195’ length rolls. Check for sizes available in stock for ready shipment.


  • Prime Wrap® has been tested and approved by The ICC Evaluation Service and complies with 2015 International Building Code, 2015 International Residential Code, and 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.


  • The Tensile strength and Tear resistance of Prime Wrap® is higher than most of its competitors, making it much less likely to rip during application or during high winds.


  • Air Porosity determines how much air can pass through a fabric. To perform properly as a weather barrier, it is important that some air gets through the fabric. Due to its woven structure, Prime Wrap® lets only an adequate amount of air through while passing all required testing requirements.


  • Water Resistance testing of Prime Wrap® is very high, again due to the woven structure of the fabric.


  • Prime Wrap® has a Water Vapor Permeance rating of between 5-15 under ASTM E-96-A testing. High perm values are only desirable when it is cold outside and warm inside. Exactly the opposite is true some of the time in northern climates and much of the time in southern climates. Very high perm values allow water vapor to easily pass through the housewrap in both directions. High perm housewraps used in warm weather or even in cool weather behind brick, water vapor can easily move into the wall from the outside. An optimum perm value between 5-15 is high enough to allow water vapor to escape from behind the housewrap in cool weather while reducing the water vapor that can move into the wall in warm weather.


  • Prime Wrap® is extremely translucent making it possible to see right through it. This feature allows installers to see what they are nailing to during the installation of the fabric as well as allowing the siding applicator to be able to see the studs.


  • Prime Wrap® is very UV resistant and can be exposed to UV rays for a maximum of 12 months,


  • Prime Wrap® is extremely pliable fabric making it an easy product to install around edges and corners.


  • Prime Wrap® passes Class “A” testing in both Flame Spread and Smoke testing.


  • Prime Wrap® can be ordered Private Labeled with a customer’s logo. Order quantities are as little as one pallet with no upcharge. Fabric can also be ordered in custom colors with no additional charges. These features are compared to other suppliers who have template charges, roll upcharges, and large quantity requirements.


  • Lifetime Warranty