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Restoration Millwork Trimboard w / Cut-Out

Restoration Millwork cuts, mills, shapes and routs like wood just like the finest top-grade lumber. But since it’s made from cellular PVC, it out-performs wood by far—with no worries about rotting, warping,moisture or insects. As for designability, it’s heat-formable for curves and arches, and a choice of Smooth or TrueTexture™ woodgrain finish offers even more options. A home’s trim says a lot about a craftsman’s attention to quality and detail.

Today’s material of choice for craftsmen is CertainTeed Restoration Millwork®. Our corners come with FinishedEdge™. The product edges are heat sealed using a proprietary CertainTeed process that creates a smooth finish, preventing dirt from collecting on the surface. This “smooth edge“ feature is also available on all trimboards.

The Superior Benefits of Restoration Millwork:

•Superior quality and excellent minensional accuracy
•Natural White – ready to install
•Highly resistant to UV yellowing
•Low-maintenance, long lasting material
•Fastens with nails or screws
•Class A (Class 1) Flame Spred Classification
•25-year limited warranty