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Cable Rail

The Standard Cable Assemblies are sold in a wide range of standardized pre-cut lengths for easy ordering. There is no wasted time taking precise railing measurements; just select assemblies that are longer than you need and trim any excess in the field. Each assembly includes special Threaded Terminal and automatic-locking Quick-Connect®SS attachment fittings that are sleek, simple to use, and easy to conceal. The result is not only extremely durable and aesthetic but virtually invisible, allowing beautiful, unimpaired views.Made from high-strength, low-maintenance, weather-tough, 316-grade stainless steel

  • Available in 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ diameter cable to complement any railing designSold in a wide range of standard lengths (5 ft to 70 ft in 5-ft increments) that can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field
  • Patented automatic-locking Quick-Connect®SS fittings make installation fast and easy
  • May be installed on new or existing wood or metal railing frames in exterior, interior, residential, and commercial settings
  • Complete installation instructions, frame requirements, 3-part specifications, and detail drawings available.

Additionally their Quick-Connect® Lag and Pivot fittings are specially designed for attachment to wood posts with a composite sleeve, composite wrap, or decorative wood wrap. These sleek and durable fittings attach to the inside faces of the posts, making installation a snap.

  • Fast and Easy field assembly: No need to pre-measure cables
  • Features our Quick-Connect® automatic locking jaw technology. Just insert the cable into the fitting and it locks automatically. No cumbersome crimp tools or difficult-to-use compression fittings.
  • Made from high-quality 316-grade stainless steel with a tumbled satin finish for weather-tough durability, low maintenance, & lasting beauty

Note: Be sure to check with your railing manufacturer to ensure your railing can withstand the tension load of CableRail infill.