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Design Build Railing


Rail profiles for any commercial application made from punched and welded aluminum and fully code compliant. Available in AAMA 2604 or 2605 powder-coated finish.




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DB410 Series
DB410 Popular profile that favors function over design. This is Fairway’s smallest profile offered and it is utilized where a 2” square top rail is specified. Its curved design …

DB420 Series
DB420 A unique extra-large, but short profile railing with a rounded top. This profile is ideal for mid- to high-rise projects and its curved design prohibits a can or …

DB430 Series
DB430 Bold and extra-large profile that is available with or without a glass infill option. This profile is ideal for mid- to high-rise projects and its round design prohibits …

DB440 Series
DB440 Long, tall and extra-large profile with a rounded top to prevent cans and bottles from resting on top. Ideal for mid- to high-rise projects. Environmentally-friendly Green process VOC-free …

DB450 Series
DB450 Extruded to duplicate a soft-shaped wooden rail. This is Fairway’s largest profile and offers a coordinating bottom channel. Perfect for a multi-family balcony railing due to its curved …