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Marquee Railing

The Marquee Railing

series integrates understated, low-sheen colors with the natural look of wood. With TAMKO’s Marquee Railing®, your deck strikes a delicate balance with the world around it.

  • Straight rail available in 6′ and 8′ sections (stair rail available in 6′ sections).
  • Brackets available for straight, stair, and multi-angled attachment, in all five matching colors.
  • Square baluster design creates classic beauty. Available in rail heights of 36″ and 42″ (6′ and 8′ sections).
  • Posts are full 5″ x 5″, with caps, rings and brackets to enhance the premium look.
  • Post sleeves are available in sizes of 5″ x 5″ x 120″ and 5″ x 5″ x 48″.
  • Post mount available for mounting on concrete or wood, both with 38″ and 44″ options.

Marquee Railing® Dimensions

Straight Rail Kit

Available in 61″ and 91″ lengths.

Stair Rail Kit

Available in 71″ lengths.

Post Sleeves Kit

5″ x 5″ sleeves available in 48″ or 120″ heights.

Post Mount Kit

38″ or 44″ kits available for concrete or wood.

Bracket Kit

Available for straight, stair and multi-angled attachment, in all five matching colors.

Baluster Kit

36″ or 42″; 6′ or 8′ section.