Dura Supreme offers four different kitchen cabinetry product lines, each with a specific price point, different custom capabilities and construction.  Four product lines that give you the flexibility to choose the features and value that are right for you!  Your kitchen designer will be instrumental in walking you through the different construction methods and materials, pricing and design options to recommend the product line that is best for your project and your budget.  Whether you are beginning a kitchen remodel or building a new home, Dura Supreme kitchen cabinetry is a beautiful choice and a wise investment.

Alectra Cabinetry

Alectra Cabinetry : Alectra - Blending high-tech construction with high - fashion. Alectra Cabinetry is crafted with a unique, full-access (frameless) construction method inspired by European cabinetry. A sleek, modern interior and high-tech hardware are combined with a complete offering of traditional and contemporary door styles and finishes. A notable spectrum of custom options, attractive door styles and artistic, hand-detailed finishes make Alectra Cabinetry an especially savvy choice for those that desire the ideal in function and fashion.

Crestwood Cabinetry

Crestwood Cabinetry : Dura Supreme creates Crestwood Cabinetry with a thoughtful balance of materials, construction and styling options to deliver exceptional value with exceptional design. Built-in manufacturing economies ensure cost effective construction, consistent quality and craftsmanship. Upon this foundation, an impressive array of finishes, door styles and unique, space-saving accessories fulfill even the most artistic and discerning tastes.

Designer Cabinetry

Designer Cabinetry : Designer Cabinetry is the epitome of the cabinet-makers craft; careful attention to detail and form, premium joinery, all-plywood construction, full custom capabilities and an extraordinary palette of hand-detailed door styles and finishes. Designer Cabinetry is custom cabinetry in the truest sense - yet suprisingly and delightfully affordable.

Bria Cabinetry

Bria Cabinetry : Bria Cabinetry is crafted with a full-access (frameless) construction method inspired by European cabinetry. An impressive array of traditional and contemporary styling options (including Acrylics, Textured Foils and Laminates) make Bria Cabinetry a savvy choice for value and design conscious homeowners.